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Any business is made of people and that is what makes a company successful. At Universal Solutions Group we put the emphasis on client relationships and the benefits it achieves. A productive and cooperate workforce is our standard. Building on the group environment brings success to the entire team. Sales and marking are what we do. Making successful is a goal we all share in our workforce and venture to accomplish each and every day.

Universal Solutions Group is a dynamic growing company that has a vision of future expansion . The company has greatly expanded its Florida operation and increased its business campus size. Being part of a growing business team is a great place to be challenged in ones personal career and have potential advancement in employment.

If you want to be part of our robust growing industry, check out the careers page for job opportunities.

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Service Success

Our support is the perfect place to for customers to get answers!

Care About The Customer

We know everyone needs support. Our philosophy is customers are #1. When you put them first they are satisfied.
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Find The Answers

The knowledge base is key to correct information to customers.

Knowing The Facts

This is the place to talk to someone about your questions or find out more from the customer service team.
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Customer Relations

Relations with those you serve builds trust and a positive reputation.

Learn By Performing

Learning first hand by preforming services makes a satisfying task and a job well done.
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Staffing Options To Fit Each Solution.

Adapting to the business environment is the road to a successful enterprise. Our team is ever changing as the market changes. Determining factors may not always be obvious, however an adaptable company will adjust in the current enterprise climate.